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First and foremost United Christian Giving encourages folks to donate to their local church before they consider a donation to UCG. We are not a church nor a substitute for your local church. United Christian Giving raises money for local Christ-centered evangelistic organizations for several purposes:

  1. UCG establishes a $10,000 endowment for each particular organization. We have found that donors like the idea of a ministry that plans for the future. Once the endowment is established it is up to that organization to help grow their endowment by exposing it to their donor base. The goal of the endowment is to provide for the operational expenses and growth of the organization in years to come. There are several long term giving mechanisms that make financial sense to the donor and the organization to implement concerning endowments. UCG has already established SEVENTEEN $10,000. endowments for various Christian organizations since May 1997. UCG desires that a long term giving plan be developed by these organizations so that they can provide for their future financial needs.
  2. UCG offers matching grants to local Christ-centered evangelistic organization. The purpose of this is that some organizations are not financially secure enough at the time to think about an endowment immediately. Therefore, UCG offers them a matching grant whereby if they out up a like amount of money then UCG will match it. This manner of giving allows UCG donors to know that their money will be given away immediately if they so choose instead of being put in an endowment.
  3. UCG offers scholarship grants for local Christ-centered organizations. The purpose of this is to ensure that Christian children are given scholastic opportunities in our community . We have scholarships set up at Edison Community College, High Tech Center Central and we are in the process of finishing one up at Gulf Coast University. UCG has also worked diligently with Take Stock in Children to help provided four-year scholarships to deserving low income children. 
  4. UCG offers its donors the opportunity to donate to the UCG endowment fund. The purpose of this is so that in the years to come the income from the UCG endowment fund will be given away annually to local Christ-centered evangelistic organizations. Our goal is for the UCG endowment fund to reach $10,000,000 to $20,000,000 in the next 30 years. With an endowment of that size the annual income to distribute would be substantial and we would be able to continually distribute that income every year to local Christ-centered evangelistic organizations. We have found that versatility is critical to a donors needs. Therefore, with the four methods mentioned UCG can accommodate donors that like their donations to be used immediately and donors that like a more long-term effect from their donations. UCG also encourages challenge grants. If a donor would like to offer a donation to UCG or any of our current or past projects then the donor could offer the money only if it was matched. We welcome challenge grants of any size.

United Christian Giving Inc is a tax exempt 501 (c) 3 organization for income tax purposes so all of your contributions are tax deductible. We welcome donations of any size no matter how small or how large. It was the woman that gave the few pennies that she had that is remembered well and it is the simple cup of water in Jesus name that can change the world. Our philosophy is that all God needs is our readiness to give what we are able to give no matter how small it might seem in the big picture. God is in charge of the big picture not us. All He ever needs in anything regarding mankind is our readiness! Keep in mind that stocks, mutual funds, real estate, IRA's, trusts, Pensions, insurance policies and charitable remainder trusts are all possibilities for contributions to United Christian Giving. We do have volunteers that can discuss any and all planned giving desires that might include United Christian Giving Inc.

All endowments are set up at the Southwest Florida Community Foundation and the endowments that we set up for local Christ-Centered evangelistic organizations are always open to additional contributions at any time.

Remember our key verse 2 Corinthians 8:12 "if you are eager to give, God will accept your gift on the basis of what you have to give, just give what you can."

It is the goal of United Christian Giving to make sure that as much money as possible goes directly to the Christ-centered evangelistic organizations.  With that in mind, a group called the Founder's Society pays for all clerical, postage, supplies, phone and advertising so that 100% of your donation goes directly promoting the person and work of JESUS CHRIST.

Please make checks payable to United Christian Giving, Inc. and mail to the address below.

United Christian Giving, Inc.
5845 Riverside Lane, Fort Myers, Florida 33919
Telephone: (239) 418-0077
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