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A History of Giving

In May 1997 Frank and Sarah Helmerich lost their baby Taylor in a miscarriage. Frank wanted to do something for a local Christian home for unwed mothers so he wrote 200 or so letters to friends to raise money for Lifeline Family Center, a home for teens in crisis pregnancy. Around 50 people responded to that letter. An anonymous donor agreed to match the $5,000 that was brought in from the letter. A $10,000 endowment was started for Lifeline Family Center at the Southwest Florida Community Foundation.

Frank thought that if his friends that gave would simply give the same amount again to another local Christ-centered group, that another $10,000 endowment could be started. That is exactly what happened! The group was originally called the Gideon Group, because like Gideon this army was whittled down from the 200 letters to the 50 that responded. After being incorporated the name was changed to United Christian Giving.

History has taught us that if we can't give a large check then give a small check, If everyone would just give what they are able God will bless and multiply it just like He did with the little boy's bread as told in the bible. The history of United Christian Giving demonstrates 2 Corinthians 8:12 "if you are eager to give, God will accept your gift on the basis of what you have to give, not on what you don't have". In other words, just give what you can but do give.

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